Room 112 – Anthony Genchi

Dear Students and Families,


In the beginning of February, we started an additional collaborative group with Classroom 111. These groups continue to give us the opportunity to resemble an Over 21 Program, where the students interact with other students and staff in another classroom. In these groups, the students work on taking turns, sharing materials, and seeking “help” from others while participating in meaningful functional and academic group activities. The students in both classrooms have responded very well to these weekly lessons and our hope is to eventually incorporate more groups into our schedule.

During this marking period, Classroom 112 will continue Community-Based Instruction (CBI) trips to Target, Stop & Shop, The Dollar Store, and the Arlington Diner.  The students will continue to practice the skills learned in the classroom in the community.  Students will also actively participate in Activities for Daily Living (ADL), where they practice activities such as personal hygiene and bed making.  Students will also complete daily job skills and work with job coaches through Supported Employment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at


Let’s continue to work together to make this the best year ever!




Anthony Genchi