Room 203 – Kelly Horst

Dear Student and Families,

Is it spring yet? Well, the students in 203 are thinking warm thoughts and already prepping for the gardening season. With our Horticulture program, we have planted beans and created our own miniature greenhouses to help these plants grow. We also have been making our own silk flower arrangements just to brighten our days.

We are bookworms in the classroom, so to celebrate some of our past reading adventures into the Wizarding World, we created two 3-dimensional puzzles during our Leisure time: Diagon Alley and the Hogwart’s Express. Check out our pictures on the Center’s Facebook page!

This marking period, the students in Room 203 have several exciting things on the horizon! We are learning about electricity completing circuits. We will be using that knowledge to solve “Circuit Mazes” to make LED bulbs light up! We are also excited to begin exploring inventions. We will be reviewing how people use innovative thinking to solve a problem by, first, identifying a problem and then creating a solution to solve the problem. We will be showing off our skills by making prototypes from recyclable materials to display in our own “Invention Convention.”

On CBI this season, we will be working on budgeting. We are going to practice how to find the best value for items that we want or need! We plan on reinforcing this skill at Target, Stop and Shop and hopefully, Paramus Park Mall. Keep a lookout for a good sale and let us know!

If you would like to reach me, you can always email me at If you need to call me, the best times to contact me are between 8:30-9:00 or 2:30-3:00 at 973-542-0743 ext. 203.

As always, I look forward to all the upcoming fun in the room!


Kelly Horst