Room 207 – Christos Karoutsos

Dear Students and Families,

I cannot believe it is Spring already!

In Room 207, we have been having a lot of fun learning. Our focus for our Community-Based Instruction for this period is locating items and community signs in a variety of settings.

In the classroom, we have been working on social skills by communicating whose turn is next. Using SMARTBoard technology, we practice what can be purchased in a particular and the sections of a grocery store.

For certain period of the day, a “mock” grocery store is set-up in our classroom. We are working on locating items in the classroom store, paying for items and using a cash register to receive payment.

If you have any questions or concerns or if you would like to visit our classroom, schedule a conference, or volunteer to help out, you can contact me 973-542-0743 extension 207. The best times to reach me are 8:30-9:00am or 2:30-3:00pm.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Spring!


Christos Karoutsos