Special Programs

Leisure & Recreation Activities

The Phoenix Center Physical Education and Art Programs follow the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS). With a full-size gymnasium on campus, basketball, pep squad and rock climbing, our students have plenty of opportunities for exercise and physical play.

Art and music education, percussion ensemble, senior chorus, dance troupe and drama club provide creative learning experiences for all students. The Phoenix Center also offers off-site field trips and a camping trip, therapeutic horseback riding, bowling, circuit training and gymnastics at locations outside the school.

Art Education

Art education enhances our students’ fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and social skills. Our art education curriculum follows the NJSLS and is designed to expose students to the elements and principles of design. Various art media are utilized and explored to facilitate the creative experience. Our ceramics unit uses the Center’s state-of-the-art computerized kiln to bring the students’ clay designs to life.

Drama Club and Comedy Club

Students are invited to participate in the Drama and Comedy Club which perform yearly and provides enriching social and creative experiences. Students learn how to read a script, follow directions, tell a joke and how to work with peers. Practices are held weekly.

Music Education

Music stimulates communication and promotes turn-taking and other pragmatic skills otherwise inaccessible through other mediums. Our music curriculum follows the NJSLS. Students are exposed to music and composers, different rhythms and instruments, different cultures’ music, and participate in hands-on activities to uncover their creative musical talents.

Various Phoenix Center music ensembles have recorded two of its own CDs. With original music fashioned in a drumming circle style, the students in this group learn to take turns, communicate with each other, and share. While performing great music, students also build their self esteem.

Senior Chorus

Choral singing is also a part of the music program. Students who have an interest in singing are encouraged to join the chorus. The chorus performs at our Winter and Spring Showcase.