Room 106 – Regan McKinlay

Dear Students and

Hello and welcome to Room 106! I’m excited to get the opportunity to get to communicate with you and I’m looking forward to an exciting and productive school year.

In Room 106, the goal is to create a positive learning environment for the students to succeed both academically and socially. The objective of the classroom is to teach the students through positive reinforcement, verbal praise, and functional academics.

During the school year, Room 106 will be learning about holidays, current events, seasonal themes, health and hygiene, fire safety, and much more. Lessons will be presented both in a group setting as well as during individual work session and be supported through the use of technology.  We also go on CBI (Community-Based Instruction) once a month, where we will experience going into the community as a group to shop, eat or bowl. Daily life skills and social skills are extremely important to our school and Room 106 specifically, and we practice daily life skills as much as possible throughout the school day. It is our goal as a school to increase independence of all of our students.  Room 106, both staff and students, practice the Fish! Philosophy where we Make Someone’s Day, Play, Be Present, and Choose Our Attitude.

I look forward to working with you and collaborating on the best ways to practice and generalize the lessons learned in our classroom.  Pictures are sent home throughout the year so you can get an inside look at what we do at school. Please check Home-School Communication books daily for these updates and other important school information. Maintaining open lines of communication is key to student success.  We can communicate through the daily Home-School Communication book or email.  Please be sure to let me know your preference in order for us to best share information.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact me at , write in the daily communication books or call 973-542-0743 X106.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you and to a fun-filled school year!

Regan McKinlay