Room 97 – Lewis Odige

Dear Students and Families,

Welcome to Room 97!

I’m excited for the opportunity to get to know you and your student and I’m looking forward to an exciting and productive school year!

This year, Classoom 97 has nine students.  Our classroom’s overall goal is to have students reach Individualized Education Programs (IEP) goals and objectives to the highest level of independence.

The classroom curriculum utilizes weekly themes and monthly units. The daily schedule is divided into half-hour intervals. During this time, students have individual work sessions, group activities, and special subjects such as Art, Music, Health, and Physical Education.  During individual work sessions, students work on goals and objectives taken from the IEP. This year, we are very exiting about going out to the community once a week. Community-Based Instruction (CBI) locations will include Stop and Shop, Target, Walmart, and local restaurants.

I look forward to working with you and collaborating on the best ways to practice and generalize the lessons learned in our classroom.  Maintaining open lines of communication is key to student success.  We may communicate through the daily Home-School Communication book or email.  Please be sure to let me know your preference in order for us to best share information.

If you have any questions or concerns or if you would like to visit our classroom, schedule a conference, or volunteer to help out, you can contact me at 973-542-0743 ext.197. The best times to reach me are 8:30-9:00am or 2:30-3:00pm.

Once again, welcome to Classroom 97. Let’s work together to make it a great year!


Lewis Odige