April is National Autism Awareness Month, and on April 2nd, the global community celebrated the twelfth annual World Autism Awareness Day. Per Autism Speaks, international monuments, buildings, and homes will be lit with the iconic light blue hue in recognition of those living with autism. But while the world celebrates and shines a light on […]

Haircuts can be stressful for anyone: you want to stick to your regular barber or hairdresser, you worry it won’t come out looking like your last one, and you jokingly hope your ear won’t get snipped. These worries are, in a way, not so different from the anxieties a child with special needs may experience, […]

Leisure activities like going to the movies or a baseball game are supposed to be fun for the whole family.  However, for an individual with special needs, these activities can be overwhelming at times. In addition, they can be unnerving for parents due to the many “what if’s.”  There are many places your family can […]

Getting dressed for winter can be a challenge for many of our students with sensory issues.  Clothing can provide varied levels of sensory input.  Some students may prefer the feeling of heavy clothing that is loose, while others may prefer lightweight clothing that is tight.  Some children might not like to wear a hood; however, […]

The start of every successful day at school begins with a good night’s rest. But parents know that, for children with special needs, this can be a bit of an obstacle depending on the day. Difficulty falling to sleep — or falling back to sleep in the middle of the night — can compromise a […]