Professional Development

Customized Professional Development Workshop at YOUR School
The Phoenix Center is offering customized professional development workshops targeting services for students with multiple disabilities including autism. Learn more

Student Hero Program

Student Hero Program

Parent Stress Savers

clothing_1126_suWinter Clothing

Winter dressing can be a challenge for many of our students with sensory sensitivities.  Clothing can provide varied levels of sensory input.  Some students may prefer the feeling of heavy clothing that is loose, while others may prefer lightweight clothing

The Executive Director

We are pleased to announce that we have been accredited for seven years by the Middle States Association Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools. We are proud of this accomplishment as it is the second national accreditation achieved by the Phoenix Center since 2013.
As always, please feel free to contact me directly to learn more about our programs and events.

Dr. Geraldine Gibbia