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The Phoenix Center has been a member of the educational community for the past 26 years and would appreciate your support of our Annual Appeal. Your tax-deductible donation helps fund our recreation, leisure and Community-Based Instruction programs, helping to prepare our students for life beyond the classroom. Any questions, please feel free to contact Julie Mower, Executive Director  (973) 542-0743 ext. 302.
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Lead Testing Notification Letter
Lead Drinking Sampling Plan
Lead Testing Results Report
Parent Staff Lead in Water Results Letter

Parent Stress Savers

Using the iPad

The iPad is extremely popular with children. It is fun and engaging with the added bonus of being portable and easily accessible. For children with special needs, it can open up many opportunities. It can be a great educational and

Message From Executive Director: Julie Mower

Welcome to The Phoenix Center website! One of The Phoenix Center’s core values is that each and every student is someone’s son or daughter – someone’s very special person. Our parents have entrusted me as the Executive Director to develop and oversee programs that will uncover the full potential of their children and it is my honor to continue to serve this educational community.

Helping students and their families is what we do best. It is our privilege to unwrap the many gifts and talents our students have. Our dedicated staff join together, with integrity and honesty, side-by-side with our students in order to meet their individual needs. The partnership we have with our families and school districts helps our students realize and reach their full potential. As parents have commented, “From the very first visit to The Phoenix Center, we felt this is the right place. Phoenix is a warm, welcoming school with a staff of extraordinarily caring and loving people – people who will go the extra mile, do more than expected, and make you feel like family…

I invite you to click on the video below. Share our story and believe in our future… Thank you.