The staff is so invested in these kids.  We are grateful for the support The Phoenix Center provided us.

Grandmother of Michael, a graduate
-Mayra and Tony P.,

Everyone at The Phoenix Center is on the same page; all are on board with the vision of the school and each student. They are a step above in terms of trained service providers (OT, PT, speech, etc.). For students with multiple disabilities, it is our first choice.

-Ryan K.,
Belleville School District

All of my experiences with The Phoenix Center have been positive.

-Athena G.,
Indian Hills, Ramapo Indian Hills School District

The most impressive thing about The Phoenix Center is their community-based instruction, it’s a real community-based instruction program with a cutting edge approach.

-Jim Ball, Ed. D., BCBA-D.,
JB Autism Consulting
-Denise M.,

They really look at each child individually and really make an IEP for that child. They help parents facilitate taking the kids into the community; they go to age 21 and prepare them for life. Their transition program is great.

-Kim O.,
Woodcliff Lakes School District

I am so happy I found The Phoenix Center for my child. It has made such a difference in his education and self-esteem. The best part is knowing my child is happy and enjoys going to school every day.


Thanks to your administration and the finest teachers and staff I have ever known. My son now looks forward to attending school.

-Christine H.,
Speech Therapist

From the very first visit to the Phoenix Center we felt “this is the right place.” Phoenix is a warm, welcoming school with a staff of extraordinarily caring and loving people, people who will go the extra mile, do more than expected, and make you feel like family.


We are so thankful and blessed to have found The Phoenix Center and everyone there who has helped our son grow, and held our hands through this journey.


The staff and administrators at Phoenix have listened to my concerns and included me in the decision-making process. I was impressed by the love and care that the staff showed my son and the other students.

-Leon and Veronica M.,

The Phoenix program was tailored to the areas that my son needed work or help in. In 2002, he began transitioning back to public school. At the end of the 2003-04 school year he was fully ready for public school. He's in high school now, getting straight A's and is on the honor roll.


When I had lost all hope of my son ever getting an education in a classroom setting, The Phoenix Center stood by our side and helped to get us started in the right direction.


The staff at The Phoenix Center is truly extraordinary and treats each child as an individual, finding hidden strengths and making them shine.


Within the past few years, my son has made amazing progress—reading, writing, counting money. He has learned to bowl, swim, use the Internet, follow a recipe— he´s even learned to ride horses!