Collaborative Relationships


The Phoenix Center works closely with consultants, school districts, and case managers in public school systems. Our collaborative relationships with these experts yield positive outcomes for students with autism and/or intellectual disabilities who have not been successful in other school settings, and who come to The Phoenix Center for its unique mix of therapeutic, academic, and behavioral supportive services.

In addition, as part of its mission to educate, empower, and enhance the independence of its students and graduates, The Phoenix Center works closely with sending districts to return students to their neighborhood districts when they are ready.

Inclusion Specialists

The Phoenix Center’s team of inclusion specialists is available to work collaboratively with sending districts to create a positive culture for inclusive transitions. The inclusion specialist will:

  • Meet with parents, the District Case Manager, and the student, if appropriate
  • Visit the proposed district setting
  • Speak with the classroom staff to orient them to the returning student’s needs
  • Provide advice on organizational structures that might facilitate transition
  • Consult regarding curriculum, instructional delivery, and program evaluation
  • Accompany the student to the district setting for an agreed-upon period of time, as needed