Behavioral Support Services

The Phoenix Center’s philosophy focuses on the use of positive behavioral interventions and supports to make meaningful changes in the lives our students. We follow a least-restrictive model of treatment when designing behavior plans.  We also recognize the importance of viewing the “whole child” and creating intervention plans that address multiple areas of need (i.e., communicative, academic, sensory, social).

Our full-time BCBA and behavior team members work in collaboration with classroom teachers and related service providers to develop individual Behavior Intervention Plans. They assist in developing data collection procedures to monitor the effectiveness of behavior plans and provide staff training in implementation.

Behavior team members can provide more intensive in-class support for students with particularly challenging behaviors in order to help design the appropriate interventions and train staff over a period of days or weeks.

Staff members working directly with students are provided with training through Crisis Prevention Institutes, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention(R) Program. This training focuses on the least-restrictive response to ensure the care, welfare, safety and security of all students.