Customized CEU Professional Development Workshops at YOUR School

To register contact:  Carolina Silva at or call (973) 542-0743 x305

The Phoenix Center is offering customized professional development workshops targeting services for students with multiple disabilities including autism…we call this “The Phoenix Center On the Go!”

Our staff supports you and your included students by sharing our years of expertise through these fully customizable workshops. Through ASAH, the Private School Association of New Jersey, we will be able to provide your teaching staff Continuing Education Units. (CEU’S)

Available Workshop Topics (partial list)

Creating Quality Documentation Portfolios for Your Students

The Phoenix Center Curriculum Specialists

This workshop will demonstrate the essentials on how to organize, assemble, monitor, and evaluate a documentation portfolio that reflects students’ growth and improvement toward mastery of goals and objectives.  In this workshop, participants will learn different ways to gather necessary information, evidence, and how the materials/evidence can be included.  The presenters will show the different components that are part of a well-developed documentation portfolio.

The Role of the Paraprofessional in the Special Education Classroom

The Phoenix Center Curriculum Specialists

This workshop will review and refine the skills required for success when working in the classroom as a paraprofessional with students. Topics covered will include a variety of prompting techniques and prompt hierarchy, various methods of data collection with examples and demonstrations, role in implementation of behavior plans and sensory diets, portfolio set up and filing of basic evidence/data, and information related to current trends in technology used in the classroom during  instructional work sessions, such as SMARTBoard and iPads.

Adapting and Modifying Materials for the Child with Special Needs in Your Classroom

The Phoenix Center Curriculum Specialists

This workshop will give an overview of how to adapt and modify instructional materials to meet the needs of your students.  The presenters will highlight multiple types of learners who vary in abilities and access skills.  Technology tools and educational software will be featured.  Participants will learn how to implement these strategies through discussion.

It All Works Together: Setting Up Your Student for Success Integrating Sensory, Communication, Instructional, and Behavioral Technology

The Phoenix Center Multi-disciplinary Team

This workshop presents an integrated team approach to setting up students to excel in their learning environment.  Participants will learn practical strategies that incorporate a multi-disciplinary approach to designing and implementing successful programs for students with special needs.  Connections between academic instruction, behavioral, communicative and sensory interventions will be explored.  This will provide participants with an introduction to the process of student-centered, comprehensive, customized instruction.

Improving Employability of Transition-Aged Students through Developing Self-Management, Communication, and Social Skills

The Phoenix Center Multi-disciplinary Team

The biggest challenge students face is demonstrating the critical domains for job success: self-management, communication, and social skills.  Participants will be provided with innovative instructional strategies that empower their students to succeed in their employment settings during school and after graduation.  Participants will learn how to create collaborative learning teams that address employability skills and develop year-long thematic units that align to the 21st Century Life and Careers State Standards.

If you would like to discuss the development of a customized workshop for your team, please contact Carolina Silva at 973-542-0743 ext. 305.