A Message From the Executive Director

Julie Mower at the podium

Welcome to The Phoenix Center. I invite you to explore our website to get an understanding of the scope of programs and services we provide to our students. Our Core Values and Mission illustrate our primary purpose – to serve our students and their families while providing cutting edge and highly customized educational, therapeutic, and transition services and supports. Our parents have entrusted me to develop and oversee the programs that will uncover the full potential of their children that best prepares them for Life Beyond the Classroom. As always, it continues to be my honor to serve this educational community.

This year our theme is DREAMDetermination, Resilience, Empowerment, Attitude and Motivation. Together, here at The Phoenix Center we DREAM big! We aspire to be amazing and impactful educators. We are determined to help our students as they grow and learn. We are resilient in the face of our day to day struggles and always strive for better outcomes. We empower our families and their children to never settle. We do our best to choose a good attitude in all things we do. Lastly, we are here to motivate each other as educators, our students as learners, and the community as our supporters. Our ability to DREAM provides the power to positively affect our students and their families.

I invite you to click on the video below. Share our story and believe in our future… Thank you.

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