Schools are like mini ecosystems: everyone has a different role to play, but everyone contributes to the wellness of the environment. With so many unique people a part of The Phoenix Center family, teamwork is the glue that holds everything together. “Everyone in that classroom is hands-on with every child, and we all chip in […]

Collaborating for Success: The Teamwork Behind TPC

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and it’s important to remember that mental health challenges can affect anyone, including those in the neurodiverse community. Unfortunately, many people still believe harmful myths about mental health and neurodiversity. These misconceptions can prevent individuals from finding the help they need, and they can also make it more difficult […]

Three Myths About Mental Health Needs of Students with Autism and Other Disabilities
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We’re excited to share an excerpt from a recent article on, 10 activities for kids with autism that offer a variety of benefits, that highlights the importance of play for children on the autism spectrum and provides ideas for engaging activities that can support their development. The article features insights from our very own […]

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Mornings can be difficult: it’s easy to stay in bed, especially in the winter months when the outside world looks so cold and our beds feel so warm. Nonetheless, having a consistent morning routine can help your child start their day on the right foot which can be particularly helpful for young people with special […]

Your Child's Morning Routine Can Be As Easy As 1,2,3