Its back to school time! By making several smaller, incremental adjustments to the family schedule, you’ll make the transition easier and smoother for everyone involved. Heading back to the classroom doesn’t have to be a stressful, rip-the-band-aid-off situation for either parents or their children. By adding structure into everyone’s routine and making changes slowly and […]

Utilize a Calendar It can be helpful to give your child a visual aid to help them adjust to a school routine again. Start by highlighting a calendar to show your child when school starts. You can revisit the calendar daily to cross off the last day and show how many days are left until the […]

The iPad is extremely popular with children. It is fun and engaging with the added bonus of being portable and easily accessible. For children with special needs, it can open up many opportunities. It can be a great educational and therapeutic tool, leisure device or means of communication. Below are some tips to enhance your […]

  The relaxed pace of summertime and the warm weather provide wonderful opportunities for children to get increased sensory input through activities they enjoy.  However, many children with special needs thrive on consistency, routines and structure, making summer a challenging time.  The key to avoiding stressful situations in the summer is planning and preparation.  Below […]