April is National Autism Awareness Month, and on April 2, the global community celebrates the twelfth annual World Autism Awareness Day. Per Autism Speaks, international monuments, buildings, and homes will be lit with the iconic light blue hue in recognition of those living with autism. Today’s movement alters the conversation from treating those with autism […]

We spend a third of our lives sleeping — or we should, if we get the recommended eight hours of rest a night. And while everyone enjoys the R&R of a good night’s sleep, we often have a hard time getting to sleep. This can be especially true of children with special needs. Without the […]

The holidays are here! A time for spending snowy days with family, preparing food for visiting relatives, and gift-giving. And while gift giving can have the best of intentions, it’s important to remember that for children with disabilities, not all presents affect them equally. Some can cause undue stress — something everyone’s holiday could do […]

There are countless books to consult when it comes to raising children. But — as parents of The Phoenix Center students know — raising children with unique needs can be a less-written about topic. Nothing prepares you for parenting like on-the-ground, real-life experience, but even so some informative literature can strengthen the mind and embolden […]

Pile of 5 Books

It’s the end of summer, and that means beaches, barbecues, and — yes — school! A new academic year approaches, so we’re in full swing at The Phoenix Center ensuring we are more than prepared for our students’ exciting arrival in a few short weeks. “We hold a new parents breakfast each year in early […]

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