Making and Buying Autism-Friendly Halloween Costumes

School has restarted! This means leaves will change, apples will be picked, and Halloween will soon arrive. Halloween is always a very special day at The Phoenix Center; it gives our students a chance to play a role, become a celebrity, and have fun in a sweet or scary costume. For children with autism, Halloween can pose not obstacles, but instead opportunities for creativity and parent-child engagement. Looking for some ideas for how to spookify your October? Below, find three fun costume ideas and tips The Phoenix Center has compiled to enhance your child’s Halloween!

1 Find a Pajama Costume

Snuggly pajamas keep your child feeling safe, and ones with patterns can even make them scary. A pair of pajamas (top and bottom) with a skeleton, animal, or superhero pattern can make your child stand out while still making them feel comfortable while trick-or-treating. If you don’t have pajamas to play with, a hooded bathrobe can have a similar effect!

2 Play with Sweatshirt Costumes

Taking in your child’s sensory sensitivities is crucial to having a smooth and enjoyable Halloween. Sweatshirts, with their cozy, warm, and weighted fabrics, make a great base for any costume — such as a bat, lion, or even (to get really innovative) a couch potato! Find a color that befits their costume and then get a sweatshirt in their size.

3 Don’t Forget Ordinary Clothes

While going out to buy a new costume can be exciting for your child, making use of tools already at home can be equally inspiring. What everyday objects do you have lying around that could make for fun and easy costumes? A striped shirt and a beret make a Parisian, an apron and a whisk make a cook, a flannel shirt, jeans and a Western hat could make a cowboy and a blue shirt, tie, with a hat make for a recognizable police officer. Don’t be afraid to poke around the house for ordinary items that can become extraordinary costume; after all, it’s the quality time with your child that matters most.