Collaborating for Success: The Teamwork Behind TPC

Schools are like mini ecosystems: everyone has a different role to play, but everyone contributes to the wellness of the environment. With so many unique people a part of The Phoenix Center family, teamwork is the glue that holds everything together.

“Everyone in that classroom is hands-on with every child, and we all chip in to help them,” says Melissa Closterman, a head paraprofessional. “We all do our fair share.”

But at The Phoenix Center, educators and administrators also go the extra mile. As Melissa says, “We support students when they are having difficulties — or even when they are having great days. Just giving them that extra thumbs up, saying great job, you’re doing amazing, it all goes a long way.”

Our team knows that everyone has a skill to contribute, and everyone’s special talent makes The Phoenix Center work as magically as it does. “From speech therapists to the PTs, we all just know to check in on each other. We have each other’s backs,” Melissa says.

As they say, teamwork makes the dream work, and every Phoenix Center employee is fortunate to have such nurturing and helpful peers to make our students’ lives and education as rich and fulfilling as possible.