Educators have an innovative way of teaching thanks to TPC’s Admin Support

To prepare students for life beyond the classroom, we first have to put work into the classroom. That means understanding each student’s needs and acquiring the tools and materials needed to help that student flourish. This is where The Phoenix Center stands out.

“Another thing I love about The Phoenix Center is that if you have an idea, the administration jumps on your train and will encourage you and support you,” Christine Hartz, a speech therapist, says. Christine shares that each year Executive Director Julie Mower asks the academic team to put together a wish list — but one not defined by regular school supplies. “Those aren’t games or materials you can buy on Amazon, those are big ticket items that we can maybe look for a grant for or we can try to obtain through a foundation,” Christine says.

Because of this ask, teachers and team members can dream big. “We are able to be innovative because we have the support of our administration to think outside of the box,” Christine shares.

Many great initiatives have sprung from this dedicated level of administrative support, including the school’s use of Smart Tables and other technologies with app-based communication systems.

“The support that you would receive here, I don’t know if you would receive everywhere,” Christine says, noting that this helps the teachers do their best work while also allowing the students to more easily excel. “We’re grateful for that support and very lucky that we have it,” she says.