Have you done all your Holiday shopping?

Support and Shop: How Your Online Holiday Purchases Can Benefit The Phoenix Center

As you do your Holiday Shopping, The Phoenix Center has good news: your purchases can help benefit your child’s education! 

When we think of ways to support not-for-profit institutions, we often think of recurring donations or one-time charity events. But in our digital age, there are so many (and often simpler) ways to give, and one may be easier than you could have thought.

We all online shop — it’s fast, it’s efficient, it’s fun! Now, when holiday shopping with Amazon, you can support your favorite organizations without even adding bucks to your basket. Here’s how it works: when shopping with AmazonSmile, you are able to pick charities of your choice to donate to. While checking out, Amazon donates .5% of the price of eligible purchased items to your chosen special organization(s). The products on AmazonSmile are no different from the regular website’s ones; instead, these ones just tip Amazon off to donate a percentage of those items’ prices. Same products, same prices, same services.

The Phoenix Center receives tuition from the public school districts, but the reality is it isn’t always enough to fund the needs of a special education school and its ever-rising costs. Therefore, we rely on the generosity of our community and parents along with innovative tools like AmazonSmile to help our students succeed. Our team is proud to find accessible and convenient ways for busy parents to donate without pulling extra weight, and so we part with this message: should you be buying birthday presents, new school supplies, or even everyday household items online, and if Amazon is your website of choice, consider using AmazonSmile to help bring in more money for your child’s education and future. It’s a small way to create lasting impact, and — as always — we are sincerely appreciative of your time and care.

When you do your holiday shopping at smile.amazon.com/ch/22-3114959, Amazon donates to The Phoenix Center Inc.

We appreciate your continued support.