When is a picnic more than just a “picnic”?

On September 9th, The Phoenix Center hosted a picnic attended by 150 families and volunteers in Kingsland Park in Nutley, NJ that enabled students and families of the school to enjoy a rare privilege—a family picnic in a public park, with BBQ’ed goodies and activities, and a rare chance to meet and have fun in a safe and accepting environment.

We had a hot dog stand, face-painting, volleyball and music. It was a great day for all—reconnecting with friends and family and creating memories together.  The goal of The Phoenix Center, through their Family Services program, is to support its students and family members in social activities in inclusive settings and foster community relationships.  Enjoying a family picnic in the park, eating at a local restaurant or attending a baseball game are examples of this important program. Bringing families together to enjoy every day and meaningful activities with the support of Phoenix Center staff is at the core of the Family Services program and this family picnic was another example of its success.