10 activities for kids with autism that offer a variety of benefits

We’re excited to share an excerpt from a recent article on Care.com, 10 activities for kids with autism that offer a variety of benefits, that highlights the importance of play for children on the autism spectrum and provides ideas for engaging activities that can support their development. The article features insights from our very own Julie Mower, Executive Director of The Phoenix Center!

Mower emphasizes the importance of determining what areas you’re looking to support and making it fun when choosing activities for kids with autism. Play is a powerful tool that can improve social, communication, and sensory skills in children on the autism spectrum. However, they may find social interactions challenging, along with sensory processing and motor planning, which can make it difficult for them to engage with others and learn from their environment.

Engaging in imaginative play, playing games with other children, and using sensory-intensive toys can help children with autism develop their skills in a fun and delightful way. For example, playing games can help them learn social skills like taking turns and sharing, while sensory-intensive toys can help improve their sensory processing abilities and help desensitize them to different textures.

At The Phoenix Center, we’re committed to providing our students with a supportive and engaging learning environment that meets their individual needs. We hope this article inspires parents and caregivers to explore new activities that can help support their children’s development and improve their quality of life.

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