Celebrating TPC’s CFL Program: Students Cook Up Heartwarming Thanksgiving Feasts

We’re excited to share some incredible news about The Phoenix Center that’s been making waves on both newjersey.com and a special TV segment!

Our students, aged 5-21, showcased their talents and life skills as they took on the challenge of making Thanksgiving stuffing. The heartwarming scenes were beautifully captured, emphasizing the dedication of our team and the immense progress of our exceptional students.

At The Phoenix Center, we’re not just a school; we’re a community committed to the educational, behavioral, and therapeutic needs of our students. The recent features highlight the vibrancy, inclusivity, and positive impact we’re making on their lives.

But that’s not all! Our very own Ashley Agresti, the guiding star of our Consumer Family Life (CFL) program, is featured on ONNJ in a special segment. She’s not just a star within our community; she’s now shining for the world to see!

As we celebrate these moments of recognition, we want to express our gratitude to everyone who makes The Phoenix Center a place of growth, learning, and community.

Link to print article on northjersey.com below: