Meet Fynn: Our Skateboarding Therapy Dog Making a Difference

You may have seen Fynn, the viral sensation Lab, performing impressive skateboarding and surfing stunts. But what many may not know is that Fynn’s true calling is right here at The Phoenix Center in Nutley.

Fynn is not your typical therapy dog. Twice a week, he joins his mom at our private school to work alongside our students who have autism and other special needs. With his wagging tail and boundless enthusiasm, Fynn brings an extraordinary sense of joy and comfort to our school community.

One of Fynn’s remarkable roles is to assist students in overcoming their fear and dislike of animals. His gentle nature and unconditional love help them build trust and forge a special connection that goes beyond words.

It’s well-documented that dogs can have a profoundly positive impact on children with autism. They often reduce anxiety, improve communication, and provide much-needed companionship. Fynn embodies all these qualities, making him an indispensable member of our team.

We couldn’t be prouder to have Fynn as our therapy dog at The Phoenix Center. His incredible work has not only helped our students but has also caught the attention of the wider world, highlighting the transformative power of therapy animals.

To learn more about Fynn’s extraordinary journey and how he’s making a difference in the lives of our students, check out the full News 12 article. Watch the video to see Fynn in action and hear more about his heartwarming impact.

At The Phoenix Center, we’re truly grateful to have such incredible individuals, both human and canine, who are dedicated to making a real difference in the lives of our students.