In the Consumer Family Life Skills program, students learn how to organize and navigate around a kitchen, use cooking tools safely, how to make healthy food choices, and how to prepare food. A new kitchen will replace outdated appliances and renew cooking tools while providing more space for teaching, learning, and Preparing Students for Life […]

We’re so excited to share that a recent article written by our very own, Julie Mower, was featured in New Jersey Education Report in June! New Jersey Education ReportCreated: June 24, 2022 “Ashley Agresti began her career at The Phoenix Center at the age of 19 as a paraprofessional/substitute. The Phoenix Center (located in Nutley, NJ) is […]

Special Education Teacher Finds the ‘Silver Lining’ to COVID
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We’re so excited to share that our yoga program made the news! NBC New York — we’re so grateful for the spotlight on our amazing kids! Huge thanks to our great friends at Good Vibes Yoga & Kombucha Bar in Nutley, and of course, an extra special thanks to PT Lisa for running this program […]

There is no one roadmap parents must take in helping their children with learning disabilities achieve success in life. Each child’s personality, situation, and upbringing are different, and that means the paths taken will be as unique and varied as the children themselves. That said, parents can of course play a proactive role — one […]

Thinking in Terms of Life Success for Students with Disabilities

Raising children with special needs can come with unique challenges and opportunities for parents. We’re here to say: you are not alone. Finding community is so important for children’s socialization and growth, and the same is true for their parents. From school administrators to relatives to fellow parents, there are many people who are here […]