Yoga helping kids with autism stay calm, focused

We’re so excited to share that our yoga program made the news! NBC New York — we’re so grateful for the spotlight on our amazing kids! Huge thanks to our great friends at Good Vibes Yoga & Kombucha Bar in Nutley, and of course, an extra special thanks to PT Lisa for running this program so wonderfully!

Created: April 20, 2022 02:05 PM

NUTLEY, N.J. – The benefits of yoga are well understood, and now students with autism are experiencing it.

Kimie Mittman, a teacher with Good Vibes Yoga, says yoga is for everyone.

The students in Mittman’s class are from the Phoenix Center, a school designed for children with autism. Teachers have noticed that after their students do yoga, they are calmer and more focused in class.

Just like most yoga classes, students go through breathing exercises and poses to increase strength and flexibility.

At the end, they do the relaxation practice of Shavasana.

Learn more about how the students are responding to the yoga by watching the video here:

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