Our Multisensory Environment (MSE), students and professionals were recently featured on NJ.com. This dedicated room provides an immersive sensory experience using a combination of tools and equipment including vibro-acoustic seating, lights, music, fiber optics, light projectors and a large vertical tube that holds bubbles (aka, bubble tube). It provides students the space and opportunity to self-regulate […]

Subject in multi-sensory room
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We’re so excited to share that a recent article written by our very own, Julie Mower, was featured in New Jersey Education Report in June! New Jersey Education ReportCreated: June 24, 2022 “Ashley Agresti began her career at The Phoenix Center at the age of 19 as a paraprofessional/substitute. The Phoenix Center (located in Nutley, NJ) is […]

Special Education Teacher Finds the ‘Silver Lining’ to COVID
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We’re so excited to share that our yoga program made the news! NBC New York — we’re so grateful for the spotlight on our amazing kids! Huge thanks to our great friends at Good Vibes Yoga & Kombucha Bar in Nutley, and of course, an extra special thanks to PT Lisa for running this program […]